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We're doing a thing!

The Big EmDale Wedding Extravaganza 

Saturday 3rd August 2024

Our Story

Trick or Tequila?

As many of you will know, we met at a Halloween party in 2018. The following people get honourable mentions for making that night happen!

· Alex Coates for hosting and inviting us both

· Shona Cushnahan for convincing Emily to attend the party

· Joey Williams for delivering Dale to the party

· David Forster for being 3 hours late which led to Dale speaking to Emily​

We had our first date on Bonfire Night soon after. Throughout the next year or so, we took some super memorable trips to London, Manchester, Leeds and The Lakes while Dale worked towards his PhD and Emily bought her first home. When we all got grounded by BoJo in early 2020, we moved in together ‘for 2 weeks’. When the world got back to normal, our family grew with the addition of the adorable little man that is Robert. In Summer 2022 we started on the home improvement project to end all relationships…but it didn't end ours and now we’re engaged so all’s well that ends well...though the house still isn’t finished…

Amy: How're things with you and Emily?
Dale: Good yeah, we're just keeping it casual.

January, 2019


Big Day Details


Arrival from 12:00


Arrival at 18:00


Recommended Hotels



The most important thing to us is that you're able to come along and celebrate the day with us - just being there is enough!

If, however, you wish to give a gift then please feel free to contribute towards our holiday fund. Next year, we plan on heading away to Japan for a few weeks.

We'd appreciate it if you use the link below, rather than cash.


We can't wait to feed you!

Oh wait...we can, this part's still pending...

Food preferences will be requested shortly!

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